Performing 1920 - 40's Popular Music, Hot Jazz, Hawaiian Instrumentals & Blues!

Proving that hot jazz and vintage swing of the 1920 - 40’s is as relevant as ever in the present day, the Midnight Serenaders provide an infectious and irreverent take on the raucous and carefree music of “The Jazz Age.” The band formed in 2005, putting together a sound reminiscent of the small swing combos popular during the 20’s and 30’s, adding a Hawaiian flavor with the inclusion of ukulele and Hawaiian Steel guitar, with lots of clarinet and muted trumpet. Led by the charming frontline of crooner/rhythm guitarist Doug Sammons and ukelele-strumming chanteuse Dee Settlemier, the Serenaders' repertoire consists of specially chosen gems from the past, as well as vintage sounding original songs. The Midnight Serenaders are based in Portland, Oregon and perform at clubs and events throughout the Pacific Northwest, continuing to delight audiences with their brand of hot retro swing.


  • Still recovering blissfully from our recent 6th Annual Midnight Serenaders Halloween Bash. What a spectacular night...a sold out show. A huge thanks to Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners for sharing the stage with us, and to Melissa Roane & friends for the amazing swing dance performances. We also want the Secret Society to know how much we appreciate their letting us have these parties in their venue these past 5 years. Bryan Appel, thank you for your stellar sound production. And lastly, an immense thanks to all who came out to make it one of the best nights we've had. How lucky are we?
  • Next up....believe it or not our last show of 2015 is happening on Sunday, November 15 when we'll be at the Milwaukee Elks Lodge for the Portland Dixieland Jazz Society's monthly event.  We play three sets between 2 and 5:45 in the afternoon, with Dixieland Jazz jams on the set breaks.  You really should check out this old school venue, and the Jazz Society people are so passionate about the music....and they sure can dance.  We love this gig.
  • Just so you know, all four of the Midnight Serenaders' CD's are now available for $12.00 each from CD Baby.  Visit our CD Baby page to listen to samples and make purchases.


"The Midnight Serenaders recreation of Jazz Age swing is so convincing that it's often difficult to differentiate between old standards and the band’s original tunes. Ukelele-strumming songbird Dee Settlemier and co-vocalist Doug Sammons perfectly communicate the coy innocence of a bygone era, while their bandmates offer a sprightly musical backdrop. - Barbara Mitchell , Portland Tribune

Midnight Serenaders - Magnoilia Midnight Serenaders - Sweet Nothins' Midnight Sernaders - Hot Lovin' There are 4 Midnight Serenaders' recordings.
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