Magnolia - 2007

Sweet Nothin's - 2009

Hot Lovin - 2011



Doug Sammons

photo by Todd Fleming
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Read the following review of "Magnolia" from CD Baby:

"Bringing together Portland natives as well as transplants from Colorado to the deep south, the Rose City’s newest 20s and 30s jazz getup is already tickling ears and funny bones with the release of their debut album, Magnolia. To see them live, in character, is a delightful treat but lucky for us, all of the personality shines through in this recording. From Dee Settlemier’s spunky, sometimes growling vocals, appropriate for a uke strumming, flapper dressed front-woman, to the signature, perky Hawaiian steel guitar punctuation courtesy of Henry Bogdan, to Doug Sammons' top hat and gentlemanly vocals, this combo not only brings the charm of vintage jazz and swing but the spirit, the background and all of the wonderful connotations and quirks to boot. Well suited to their name, the Midnight Serenaders specialize in happy music for hard times: appropriate for the 20s and 30s as much as it is relevant today."

Tamara Turner

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